ISO 9001-2008
Certified Company

Quality Policy

The quality policy of ABU MATHER TRADING & CONT.CO.'s depts. under the scope of QMS are formulated and approved as given below.

  • We are committed to continually improve our system through implementation of Quality Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 in order to satisfy the customer needs in terms of Quality, Cost and Delivery, thus ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Abu Maather stands fully committed to the Quality, Safety & Health of its Employees.

We focus our effect to minimize the impact on the Environment in our Operation.

  • System meeting specific requirements of the region adding quality standards laid out the management system.
  • Enabling a free flow of information in realizing the synergy to excel.
  • To motivate and guide the team to aim at perfection and work towards the achievement of objectives in safe, ethical and scientific modus operand.
  • To research and derive new solution to enable the value addition of our products and our application.

Test Data

Fire Coating Image
Coating which protects steel structure in fire situations by the expansion.
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Water Proofing
Waterproofing protects the structure from water / moisture ingress by complete adhesion.
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Executing all types of construction projects from its separate construction division..
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Windows And Doors
Typi non habent claritatem insitam; est usus legentis.
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