ISO 9001-2008
Certified Company

About us

Abu Maather Trading & Contracting Company LLC an ISO Certified Company, engaged with specialization of works for services related to coating for fire and water. We established our organization in end of year 2007. Initially started with water proofing and fire coating works, later expanding to specialization of works for floor and protective coating and then to injection works.

Established and further expanding with well experienced staff and workers, we commit to handover a satisfactory and quality work. We are engaging periodic trainings for specialization works for our Manufacturers, so as to achieve a prominent quality work.

We have developed our self as for Civil contractors and started a firm for Civil works as United Arab Construction Co. LLC.

Our aim is to respond maximum to the market requirements & to provide comprehensive customer service.


Test Data

Fire Coating Image
Coating which protects steel structure in fire situations by the expansion.
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Water Proofing
Waterproofing protects the structure from water / moisture ingress by complete adhesion.
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Executing all types of construction projects from its separate construction division..
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Windows And Doors
Typi non habent claritatem insitam; est usus legentis.
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